UNFPA Big Data Bootcamp

So January came and went like the wind that accompanied it and February rushed in like a storm

of work & snow! This New Year, I’ve hit the ground running and I’m praying that my legs will keep up with what lies ahead cause this year, I am all in. But first, a short intermission to honour the fantastic event Foodisms took part in last week as part of The Kiosk team at betahaus barcelona.

The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) organised a Big Data Bootcamp in Barcelona on behalf of their Innovation Fund to provide strategic direction to their big data initiatives with Data-Pop Alliance, experts in the ever-expanding field of big data. Boy oh boy were they surprised when Foodisms took the coffee & snack breaks in an entirely new direction for them too.

So UN, I figured, international crowd – kind of like the one I grew up around. What food & coffee experience do you design for them? Your usual one-size-fits-all formula would have to cater to a number of different cultural palates. Challenge accepted.

We either made the food ourselves or sourced it from local small family businesses in favour of supporting the litte guys like us that we have in our immediate surroundings. That meant a selection of homemade cakes, savoury pies & Spanish tortilla pintxos made by yours truly; homemade wholesome cookies, Syrian Baklawa, artisan veg crisps, food-waste fighting jams, bread & croissants all from small shops within walking distance from betahaus barcelona.

And for coffee, the most important part of a coffee break? We had a dynamic duo from SlowMov brew their incredible slow Coutume coffee live & direct filling the air with the comforting aroma of freshly ground select coffee. An art to prepare as well as to be a part of this beautiful ritual.

A special shout out to the team behind betahaus barcelona, SlowMovEspigoladors for so eagerly jumping on board in to the unknown with us. And an extra special shout out to my partner in crime in all this, Luzie Milena Weigelt, who’s sense for quality & design just takes everything to a whole new level. I look forward to more collaborations with all of you & as for the rest, stay tuned for more!