“Organic farming is only one ingredient in sustainable food future”

A recent study by the University of British Columbia makes an interesting case to shed some light on the debate of organic VS conventional farming as it takes a closer look at some of the main factors that are said to differentiate between the two practices. Check out this interactive image that highlights some of their key findings.

Whatever your views may be on this matter, their concluding remarks sums it all up perfectly for us at Foodisms:

“We need to stop thinking of organic and conventional agriculture as two ends of the spectrum. Instead, consumers should demand better practices for both so that we can achieve the world’s food needs in a sustainable way,” said main author, Verena Seufert.

The influence and power we have as consumers to really impact and change things for the better in the way our food system works is real and we are only just coming to understand this potential. Our first step is to reconnect with how food in a way that activates our role in the food system through exploring what is out there, always with a pinch of salt. Then we can suss out what the first real changes we have closest to us are and can implement them, inspiring others around us to follow with the changes that they can most relate to. This is how we’ll leg up the ladder of change, with one had in front of us pulling up to the next rung, while the other helps bring up the rest behind us. A chain reaction!

We, the consumers, have the power and it’s about time we start using it more wisely. Join the rest of us Foodists!