Foodies vs. Foodists

“You’ll love this place, trust me… It’s a real foodie spot!”. “A Foodie or Foodist spot?”, I always respond. 

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said this to me.

Foodist? What do you mean by that?” is the typical answer that gets flung right back. I’ll admit, this is one of my favourite ‘Aha!’ moments in conversations around food.



Foodie vs. Foodist, there is a difference between the two.

Foodie is a term most would be familiar with by now. The foodie movement is all about hitting that sweet spot in your taste buds. That rush from having put together a show-stopping dish with specialist ingredients, leaving everyone with a sight worth instagramming and a serious foodgasm to match. Its roots are deeply embedded in the realm of sensorial pleasure, much like a recreational drug.


Being a foodist is about hitting that mark in a more conscious, holistic way. It takes into account how the ingredients were produced, where they were sourced from, who is behind them and what impact its purchase and consumption have beyond their own plate. The foodist movement is after that ‘taste good, feel good’ factor with a widened perspective looking to strike a balance between what’s good for you, those around you as well as the environment.



Sustainable practices are increasingly becoming of interest to every player in the food chain. Consumers are switching to more sustainable products as they now equate them with better health. The rise of diet-related disease and conditions is, by far, the largest motivating factor for them to start changing their eating habits. Producers are more motivated by the damaging effects they have witnessed first-hand on their land with intensive, pesticide-fueled farming. Industry is finally cueing into the higher cost effectiveness that comes with reduced packaging and more circular production cycles. We’re all starting to buy in to the sustainability game like never before!


The number of campaigns looking mobilise consumer power is simply more evidence to change having been initiated already. Veganism and vegetarianism is seeing its highest number of supporters and the Zero Waste movement is a global trend on social media. Many, like us, are banking on improvements in people’s consumer behaviour to be the firestarter for change in our food system. Simply because we are the mouths that need to be fed for generations to come.


So what’s taking so long for change to happen? Why is organic food still pretty expensive? How come my kid has so many food intolerances? We all have these kinds of unanswered questions swimming around in our heads.


Well, progress is slow and changing your eating habits is a very touchy subject. Heck, it was an uphill battle for myself even! Some days you nail it with your foodist behaviour, and other days you slip up due to other constraints – but the point is to keep us all moving in the right direction.


How do you do that? By upgrading your foodie ways to think and act more like a foodist! The foodie movement is quickly becoming a thing of the past cause it does little beyond pushing our yum button and people are increasingly hungry for real change!



Bite by bite, you can make better choices for food that don’t compromise people and the planet’s wellbeing. 

Don’t know where to begin? Check out this article for some suggestions on where to get started.