"Is there anything on this planet more political than food? No, there is not. Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? Who is eating? Why are we eating a lot of the things we eat?”
Anthony Bourdain - chef, author & TV personality
"Put your money where OUR mouth is"
"Food is a product of supply and demand so try to figure out where the supplies are fresh, the suppliers are creative and the demanders are informed"
Tyler Cowen - economist, academic & writer
"The wonderful thing about food is that you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world"
Michael Pollan - author, journalist & professor
"What sustainability depends on isn’t agri- so much as culture"
Raj Patel - academic, journalist & activist
"Respect for food is a respect for life, who we are and what we do"
Thomas Keller - chef, restaurateur & cookbook writer
"We all have to act on our knowledge to change the way that everyone thinks about food"
Mark Bittman - food journalist & author