Foodisms are thought-provoking events that engage the community with the topic of food sustainability, helping consumers become more actively aware of their role in the ‘glocal’ food chain.

Our mission is to deepen our collective understanding of the collaborative model that is food sustainability which works to balance a community’s environmental, economic & social well-being in its relation to food.

Through our events, we get communities to interactively explore the journey of food from farm to fork & beyond, highlighting how we can all contribute to its improvement and positively impact the future of food as conscious consumers.

Food is the language with which we communicate this message using fun, playful and personable means. We work in collaboration with local initiatives to showcase and support sustainable food practices on the ground. This way, we make the most of the knowledge shared and awareness raised to spread a can-do attitude as we play with food for a greater good!

Mayya Papaya is the founding persona behind Foodisms – a Public Health Nutritionist, food writer & everyday sustainable food advocate with professional culinary training. She carefully curates both the sustainable food collaborations as well as the take-home messages behind all our events. It is her love of food in itself that inspires everything she sets out to do as she works to awaken our collective food conscience.